What you want to hear the least,
is what you need to hear the most.

So always listen carefully.

Welcome to Onebaze

People like to shower each other with pleasantries and always want to communicate in the right tone and manner due to different situations.
There is nothing wrong about that at all, but in some certain situations it is particularly important to find clear and plain words.

When talking business, those absolutly necessary distinct choice of words often get subverted by the desire of not being impolite or out of fear for screwing up the given opportunity.

Nevertheless they are indispensable and at some point they surely will reach the surface and burst out.
The manner these words find their way to the surface depends on your previous communication and transparency towards your customer.

And when these words are taken in place, you better be in the room ready to take notes, because you will never ever get a more trustworthy feedback from your client than that.

Always listen carefully.



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