Sometimes it is better to find clear and plain words instead of losing yourself in formality and courtesy.

People will be thankful for it.


Nothing is more helpful and trustworthy than a clear open-minded personal feedback.
That of course, includes a trusted or at least a reliable person or company to exchange those deep thoughts and opportunities.
It has long been known to be the case that the gut feeling significantely influences the decision making process of every person, keep that in mind.

In this category I want to share some experiences, thoughts and ideas with you. You don’t have to agree with everything, well, you should never do that anyway.
But at least read it with an open mind and maybe you can even get inspired or even learn something about people, business and also yourself as individual in this fast-moving world.


The Magic around Mission and Vision

Marketing loves to use Mission and Vision for their social apperance. Businesses also neeed this for strategy reasons and they are both right to do so, but that is mostly not enough for sales und service. Why is that?

STOP Screwing UP your Projects over People

You need to know, who you are talking to and in which manner you are going into a conversation. Being sympathetic, empathetic and authentic helps, but does not always the trick. Let's see if you agree with us.

Always Be the last to SPeak when among strangers

No one wants to be the stupidest person in the room, but you should never be the smartest either. Always listen to what others have to say before you contribute yourself.

IS a new system really worth it?

At some point, in some meeting, someone will ask this question for good. Let me give you a short insight on how you can deal will this on a realistic level and how you find your way to answer this question.

Which is the Best for us in This Jungle of systems?

Never let your enthusiasm tempt you to perform a profound analysis of the questioned topic. Walk your team through this thought and decision making process together.

DO you know how foreign you are to yourself?

Sometimes the brain plays tricks on you that you don't even notice. This also influences decision-making processes that can have medium- or long-term effects on you and your environment.

Beat YOur Failure by butchershop

A great approach by Butchershop how to deal with different worse case scenarios to address the customers fear of screwing up different implementation projects for new products or services.

A letter to socrates

Everyone has heard the saying "I know that I know nothing" by Socrates. But what would he think about todays modern way of life and the fast distribution of knowledge? We wrote a letter, he will unfortunatley never read, but maybe you will?

Nah, intern costs don't really matter, right?

Internal costs are always dismissed in projects, even though they have a significant impact on project costs and your internal weekly tasks. Do you care about it? Well, you should.

Power to the Juniors? Hell no!

It is important that experience and knowledge are not depreciated by titles. Yet it is even more important that titles are not overpromising. Can you say that you rightly hold the title of "Industry Expert" or "Principal Consultant" at the moment?

Common Ground with the DISC Model

No, unfortunately this is not about the Star Wars High Ground of Obi-Wan against Anakin. But a better communication would have surely also helped those two. Here is one way how you can get a better understanding of people's behavior and how to reach common business ground.

is Linkedin a Company's flagship?

It's no surprise that almost all companies today consider LinkedIn a must-have, with user numbers steadily increasing. With around 850 million users in 200 countries, LinkedIn covers almost the entire business world. Want some more information to LinkedIn and other platforms? Sure.

What makes a good sales person?

Yes, it is desirable for a sales person to be able to sell anything. But the much more important counter question is, should the sales do it just because they are able to? No, they shouldn't. Not everything the salesperson sells is truly conducive to the customer and it's needs. Read more about what it takes to be a good sales person.


MORE Cooming soon!

There will be profound content here soon, please give me a bit more time to restructure.