Never underestimate people's history and their lifetime experience in various areas.

Every story has to be told.

Stranger's Things

We live in a world where every short, unthought comment can be a digital backstab for other people. No matter if you know them or not.
In such a fast-moving time as this, it is important to sit still once in a while and look at the people around you in a neutral manner.

Next time you’re traveling, why not ask the stranger in your train four seater, what the planned destination is and what the matter of his or her journey is?
Maybe you even learn something and maybe there will be a new, unexpected opportunity for you, your family or your business.

We tried this a few times and made it a category in our OneBaze World. People like talking about themselves and it shows them through their own words and memories, what milestones they achieved and that life “is not as bad as it often appears to be”.

Never underestimate people and their history and experience. Every story has to be told.

A Traveller's Face

When moods meet, effect and reality is often different. Always remember, not everyone is looking forward to a vacation, some are just seeking home or waiting for the onward journey. That's what makes a traveller's face.

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